21 reasons to drink lemon water every morning


People uses lemon as food for quite long time. First lemon came to Europe from south Asia, later on to America with Columbus’s expedition in 1493. Asian people used lemon as an antiseptic or antidote for poisons. While nowadays lemon is used as ingredient in dishes, as a solvent in skin care products or simple insecticide.

Lemon and vitamins

Lemon is rich in vitamins. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, which will give you health benefits. Lemon contains citric acid, vitamin c,  wide range of vitamin B group. Furthermore, you can get elements like magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, cooper and zinc. It is truly a source of vitamins and minerals.

How to prepare lemon water

The best would be to use filtered water. It has to be slightly warm, because in case of cold water your body needs to burn energy to make it warm. Make sure you use fresh organic lemons. Squeeze half of lemon into the glass of water and drink it every morning.

Benefits of lemon water

  1. Enriches your body with electrolytes. You get a dose of magnesium, potassium and calcium.Hence it is very useful after workout.
  2. Helps your digestive system to work properly. Citric acid in combination with other enzymes stimulates digestive system.
  3. Reduces muscle and joint pain after workout. Seems like it is good to use during workout.
  4. Lemon juice cleans stomach and bile from calcium sediments in your body.
  5. Water with lemon alkalizes your body. Therefore, after you drink such water it helps maintain your body’s pH. It’s is very important to have higher pH, it helps your body fight against variety of diseases.
  6. Vitamin C is good stimulant for skin regeneration. Seems like it is good for people with various skin diseases.
  7. Lemon helps to fight against various infections, from ancient times it is known as good antiseptic. Could be used to treat throat and angina.
  8. Water enriched with lemon is full of antioxidants. Consequently it protects our body from radicals, helps to strengthen the immune system.
  9. It is believed that it’s perfect drug against cancer cells. Many studies have shown that the cancer cells dies in alkaline environments.
  10. If suddenly started to ache teeth, perhaps lemon water can help reduce pain.
  11. Citric acid is known as good presaparat which reduces appetite, so probably you’ll eat less when start drinking lemon water every morning.
  12. Water with lemon makes our liver to produce more enzymes.
  13. Helps to clean our liver from toxins.
  14. In addition it helps to regulate intestinal peristalsis.
  15. Has good affect on our nervous system. Therefore, you can use it to reduce depression. Especially relevant for those who suffers from uncontrollable panic attacks.
  16. Cleans blood and blood vessels.
  17. It may reduce blood pressure.  Study finds that lemon water consumed daily may reduce blood pressure by 10%.
  18. Removes acid from uric, as a result it reduces joint paint.
  19. Vitamin C helps in many diseases. It is very useful for pregnant women and baby.
  20. In little amounts of lemon juice, it may reduce heartburn problems.
  21. Gives energy and improves mood. Furthermore it helps to relax.

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