Are your cooking oil safe?


Most of people everyday cooking dishes for their family and uses various cooking oils, but did you know that some of oils could be harmful for your health. Let’s check deeper which oil is safe for cooking.

Cooking Oil

You can buy many oils, the most known are olive oil, linseed oil, hemp oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, red palm oil and evening primrose oil. Olive oil contains omega-9 acids, many antioxidants like vitamin E and carotene. Linseed and hemp oil is rich of omega-3 acids. Red palm oil is known as an source of vitamin A. If you need omega-6 acids then choice sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, avocado or evening primrose oils.

Refined or unrefined oil?

Oils in general are divided into two types: refined and unrefined. Unrefined oils has specific taste, contains useful polyphenols, phospholipid and phytosterols. All those useful components lowers cholesterol level and blood pressure. We can say that it increases increase life expectancy and it’s true.

Quality matters

When you choice oil it’s important to pay attention if oil is highest quality. For example highest quality olive oli is called “Extra virgin”. It is the most valuable oil, the result of mechanical (cold) pressure. It contains all natural components found in olive. Second best olive oil is called “Virgin olive oil”.  It is produced after second time pressure is applied. Third in the row is “Pure olive oil”. It is produced by mixing refined and unrefined oils. “Light olive oil” is lowest quality oil.

How to use different oils ?

Olive oil is a perfect choice for salad and pasta dishes. Good choice for fish dishes. For stewing and frying use it with caution, because in high temperatures it losses all valuable nutritional properties. Oils to use in higher temperatures contains oleic acid. Some manufacturers add marks on cover that oil contains oleic acid and is safe to use for cooking (higher temperatures). Olive and sunflower oil longer stays fresh and higher quality if poured into dark glass bottles.

Best choice for cooking

Ölmühle Solling brat native – ecological cold pressed oil dedicated for cooking and frying up to 190 °C / 374°F. Neutral taste and odour.

olmuhle solling brat nativ

Bio Planete cooking and frying oil – ecological sunflower cooking oil could be used for cooking and frying up to 210 °C / 410 °F heat.

bio planete cooking and frying oil

Bio Planete Wok  – ecological sunflower and roasted nuts oil with chilli extract.Universal oi, heat resistant up to 210 °C/ 410 °F. Oil adds spicy to meat and vegetable dishes.

bio planete wok oil

Bio Planete Brat-olive – ecological olive oil. Suitable for heating up to  up to 210 °C/ 410 °F.
bio planete olive oil

Ölmühle Solling  coconut oil – first cold pressed unrefined coconut oil. It’s very stable oil, doesn’t convert to trans fatty acids.
olmuhle solling coconut oil


Biona organic coconut oil – produced from first cold press. Suitable for drying and cooking in high temperatures. Perfect choice for Asian food dishes.
biona coconut oil

Bio Today Ghee – Indian origin clarified butter. Use it when you need to cook in high temperatures.
bio today ghee oil

Ölmühle Solling red palm oil – Unrefined red palm oil is resistant to heating. Orange color and delicious taste. Use it with pasta, vegetables or rice dishes. Furthermore it is one of the superfoods.
olmuhle solling red palm oil


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