Now you can easily check the quality of your food with EcoTester


Have you ever thought how it would be good to have some device to check for nitrates in your vegetables or any other food? Now you can do it easily with the great device from SOEKS. This small device can measure nitrate levels. Beside that it also detects radiation.

soeks ecotester v2

Measures radiation

Device measures radiation exposure. Gamma and beta ionized radiation data is provided in real-time. Such radiation can seriously damage your health. Device can be used as Geiger counter for early warning. It can monitor radiation in background and alert you when it increases. The alert could be visual or audio. Device could be charged via mini-usb connection.

Nitrate Tester

Another great feature of this device is nitrate tester. If you remove plastic cap, there is metal probe. If you stick it into fruits, vegetables or meat you can check nitrates, sodium nitrate or potassium nitrate levels. So now you can choice better quality products and be sure that they are safe. Organic products will show lower level of Nitrates. On the other hand foods that were exposed to synthetic preservatives or any other poison materials, will show higher nitrate levels.

Who benefits

People who suffer from food allergies, asthma or asthma, definitely will love this tool. On the other hand it could be useful for those who has psoriasis, hepatitis or low stomach acid. We recommend this device for all people who eats healthy food, because you never know what you bought in market. You may think you’re eating healthy, but that can prove only the SOEKS ecotester.

Technical Details

  • Range of indicated Nitrates (20 – 5000 mg/kg)
  • Range of indicated background radiation level (0,03 to 1000 mcSv/h)
  • With charged batteries works for 10 hours
  • The numerical and graphic representation of measurements.
  • Visual and audible alerts
  • Product size 5″ 5/8 x 1″ 7/8 x 3/4
  • Product weight 2.5 oz (71 g.)






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