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Since ancient times in Egypt and eastern countries girls were spending more and more time on nail care. In ancient Egypt one of the most popular nail care was nail extension and nail polish. High society ladies thought that nail care is one of the attributes of luxury life. Nowadays for women’s nail care is as much important as hair styling. Women’s spend lots of time and money on manicure to have beautifully shaped and coloured nails. The most popular is gel or acrylic nail extensions. Also women’s especially loves long term nail polish. All these beauty procedures makes life easier, but do we know if nail polish doesn’t make any harm to our health. Does nail extensions are safe and doesn’t damage your nails ?

Chemicals in nail polish

When you choice a nail care products, you need be careful and read all the information. Make sure that there is no any hazardous chemicals. Especially you need pay attention when you choose nail polish for your kids. I’ll give you list of hazardous chemicals which could be found in nail varnish.


The main function of formaldehyde is to make nail varnish remain not glued. Beside that this chemical can damage your breath trails, cause allergic reaction also may lead to cancer disease.


Thanks to this chemical, it makes nail smooth finish. However it causes irritation of skin, eyes and breath trails. Makes damage to your liver,  kidneys and central nerve system. It is easy to identify toluene in nail polish, because it has intense smell.

Formaldehyde resin

It gives gloss to your nail, improves grip between nail and extension. However it is strong allergen and can cause unpredictable allergic reactions.


It could disrupt your central nerve system, make damage to other organs.


Used as an antibacterial agent, makes product last longer valid. It causes allergic reactions and skin rashes. Studies show that it has impact on the occurrence of breast cancer. Parabens penetrate to deep layers of the skin and is accumulated in body.


It gives elasticity and transparent to varnish. Beside that ir can give a damage to your hormonal system, so better avoid this chemical.


Camphor not only gives the elasticity and transparency, but also is antibacterial agent. The downside of this chemical is that it can damage your skin, can lead to heart and breathing problems. This material makes nail yellowing.

Choice nail polish responsibly

Women’s should spend more time and read labels what chemicals are used in their nail polish. There is no 100% natural nail polish without chemicals, but good start will be if you’ll choice nail polish without chemicals mentioned above. After some time of using more natural nail polish, you’ll see more shiny nails. They don’t become matted, remains natural nail color. Little girls in order to be similar to their mothers, often puts varnish on the nails too. Make sure that your daughter gets safe nail varnish.


Benecos nail polish. Manufacturer gives you a choice of 18 colors. It doesn’t contain any formaldehyde, toluene or camphor.
benecos nail polish


The organic pharmacy nail polish. Extra wide color palette, every women will find favourite color.  It doesn’t contain  formaldehyde or any other dangerous chemicals. 
the organic pharmacy nail polish


Snails for kids. It is water based, which could be washed out with water. Specially dedicated for young ladies, because it doesn’t contain any hazardous chemicals and is safe to use.  
snails nail polish

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